S  E  L  F

By  H.King



With the natural ability to beautifully string together words in a way that is poetic, personal and impactful, Haley King is a wordsmith who has taken her life experiences and transmuted them into language that fosters vulnerability, community, and healing.
White Cotton Fabric


I wanted to write you a love poem

But we way too on and off

For the love poem I'd want to write

So instead I wrote poems about how similar you are to all the

ppl I want to forget


—  Cold, Self pg. 66

Leaves Shadows

Hustle Responsibly

Poets really are the heroes of humanity. Their voice; their perspective; the responsibility that they carry to share their truths for better or for worse.


Tonya Ingram, Writer

Haley King is more than an author, she is a spiritual guide, a community, a reason to feel less alone in the honesty of each word.

King's work is a reflection of the subtle river of what it means to be human. Like Rumi, the poetry makes space for us to be and feel seen, to unravel at the glorious complexity of existence.


Visions Work Studios

Brave, Blunt, Authentic, Risk Taker, Shadow Work Writer, and a Healer. As a writer, she is all of the above. Her style is very straightforward, intentional and vivid.


Since the end of 2020, I have been continually working on providing visuals to go along with my book, SELF.

It's a book of poems with words that don't rhyme, and visuals shot as vignettes in black and white.

The content is blunt and uncomfortable. These pieces come from a truth.

My intention was to offer comfort and a safe place for conversations that may be hard, but are necessary and should be more common.

During the month of March, I've released a three part visual series on Instagram entitled, Before The Last Breath, where I worked in collaboration with Keanna (@donradical_), a talented videographer based in Atlanta, GA.

I will also be releasing both a paperback version of my book that will be available on Amazon and an audiobook available for download on April 1st.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use my healing as a gateway into healing for others.

I look forward to continually connecting with all of you through my work.

Love and light,